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The waters tumbling down my cheek

burn my tongue

and make it difficult to speak

if I knew the words to say

and I could speak   

I would convey them in this way


What is the issue in Mogadishu

 haves are sighing, have nots are dying

philosophers philosophy old women die

I am new to Mogadishu


 Poor are dying, rich are sighing

 prophets prophesy young men die

one can’t live on pity in a beautiful city

nor the issue of Mogadishu


 Elite are full, victims are dull

 philanthropists cry small children die

can anybody see what it does to me

life is the issue In Mogadishu


If I could help them to achieve

their fundamental right

curtail those who deceive

I would walk this land with no regalia

and join the fight

of the people of Somalia

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