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Look at the children do you feel no blame

look at their stomachs distended

do you feel no shame you say it’s not your fault they live so far away you say it’s not your fault

Then turn your head away but when you’re alone at night you know it’s not right

you sit idly by, allow them to die

the crime is the same, you are to blame


Look at the young men they crawl upon the floor

they will never walk again that is beyond your power

when you weigh your meat on your scales of gold

think of the young men who will never grow old


Can you turn your head say there is no dead

when you made men fight against what is right

and other men kill

against their will


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The hammering guns and soldiers screams in Timisoara Square

killed mothers’ sons and fathers’ dreams 

and all who gathered there

the soldiers might suppress what’s right but could not make it vanish

all good men stood up to


the Ceausescu’s to banish

with suffering and much affray

the people finally had their say

the tyrants when put on trial

thought silence is strong denial

your silence convicts the people said

now they both lie down dead.


Now in Bucharest the people rest

Nicolae and Elena are gone

the people step with a new zest

though they look a little wan the seed of democracy

they have sown to be president

one of their own a man with a pen

can we live again will he heal the mind will he cure the blind

will he bring back the dead

 will he bring    back the bread.

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