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Four Horsemen


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 As I walked down Dublin town

one windless moonlit night

passed Thomas street to Christchurch hill

I met a dreadful sight

from the walls a man rode out

his horse as black as coal

he raised his scales and let a shout

I trembled in my soul

‘A days wages for a quart of corn and

a days wages for three quarts of barley

but do not tamper with the oil or the wine’



I hurried on past Georges street

not looking left or right

the college wall ere I could stall

I got another fright

a man rode out on horse so stout

colored deathly pale

he looked with eyes I could not see

and this to me did hail

‘all things come to those who wait

troubles come to all

and when its time I’ll not be late

pride cometh before a fall’


 Westmoreland Street Bachelors walk

and on up the quay

crossed Capel and Chancery streets

Gandon’s work to the right of me

I looked ahead and to my dread

ere I had time to bow my head

a man rode out on horse of red

he raised his sword and this he said

‘take out your knives and your guns

summon all your army

defeat the vassals and the huns

or they will take your country’



I walked on up to Smithfield

across the bridge of the queen

up Stephens hill to James’s street

another sight I seen

a man with a crown carrying a bow

stopped me in my tracks

riding a horse as white as snow

he told me of his attacks

‘I defeated the enemies within my land

and then I fought invaders

I drove the oppressors into the sand

And vanquished all my foes’

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