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The people of this state desire equality as human persons and in dealings between citizen and state, they want a just social system, they express it everyday in the media, and on the streets…they fought for it for eight hundred years.

This story is a testament to the wonderful Constitution of Ireland, to the people who helped shape it and to the people of Ireland who voted to accept Bunreacht Na hEireann, the 1937 Constitution,

I hope it helps to achieve the equality in, and before, the law that is guaranteed in the constitution and that it serves as a warning to everybody from the President to the lowliest citizen in the state of some of the things that can happen if he or she is ignorant of the law, or if the people he or she deals with are so knowledgeable, self-motivated and uncaring of other people’s welfare, and in a legitimate position of power over the affairs of citizens, that they will do almost anything to deny them the equality that is enshrined in our Constitution.

I also hope that it will help influence the people with the power to make the decision to teach the rudiments of law at National School Level in this country of ours, for if people are obliged to live by the laws they should at least know what the laws are.

It is my firm belief that when these things are done the people of Ireland will, in the spirit envisaged by the bible and those who took part in the eight hundred years of unremitting struggle, inherit the land.

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