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Campaign Of Attrition 


 I want to clarify at the outset that I harbor no animus for any member of AGS named or unnamed or the people who perpetrated wickedness on me within the court's system and elsewhere, primarily for the reason that one must live with oneself.


Some of the activities were motivated by malice others were not. I have great revulsion for the evil that was perpetrated on me and my sons, albeit, for my part, I absorbed the evil until it became toothless...I am content to live with myself.

From a young age I felt the Garda were targeting me and I strived to find the reason for this. In the 80’s I employed some people and completed a number of small construction projects. I was pretty successful at it and acquired a Public House. The Gardaí actively became frenzied against me.  There were numerous attacks on my family, myself, my recourses and physically at times. The members of the judiciary made it clear where their loyalty lay. The judicial system was used as much as is possible against my interests.


In 1994 the Minister for Justice initiated an investigation into criminal activity that was being performed against me.   In preparing the final Garda report for the minister Inspector Larry Quinn (Store St. Gda Station) accessed a personal search from the UK.  There were serious convictions on it attributed to me i.e. 5 years for armed robbery, 3 years for armed robbery and many other serious offences, the inspector disregarded them as they were all false.  Nobody gave account and no person was held accountable for this activity. Despite evidence of criminal activity by members of the elitist group nobody was charged with an offence.


In 1998 I purchased a workshop at Bluebell Avenue. I began using the workshop in the motor trade. In 1999 I decided to access my records to see what convictions were on my AGS (An Garda Síochána ) records.  I discovered all kinds of inaccuracies and falsities on it. I continued to make access applications to AGS Headquarters and the Records Office. About 2006 I was summonsed to court by Gda. Gary Callinan as a witness regarding another man using my insurance policy without my permission. I appeared in court to give evidence and the suspect was convicted. 


I later received a letter from my insurance company ARB stating that my policy was cancelled.  I inquired into the reason for this by making a data protection request and discovered that GDA. Gary Callinan had informed them that I had a criminal conviction for fraud. After a lot of requesting them to reinstate my policy to no avail, I decided to take legal action against Gda. Gary Callinan, Judy Carroll (ARB Ins.), The Garda Commissioner, The Attorney General & Ireland.


I have had no academic tutelage in court practice and procedure I may not have presented my case properly, in legal terms, to have the infringements examined. However, I believe that an important function of the court is to respect, protect and vindicate the fundamental right of every citizen.

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