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No Person or Man-made Establishment can turn off my Natural Law Rights.

The only way to extinguish my Fundamental Rights is to

Destroy Me. 

                                                                                                        Peter Murphy 22/04/2021


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This is a coming of age story written with pace and insight about the world of an Irish
teenager cast adrift in England. Murphy’s novel is picaresque, with the sometimes
bewildering incidents taking the reader along on the disjointed ride of the main
character through his wandering squandering life. And then he hits Borstal.

Wild Shamrock

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One man's struggle to obtain equality and justice.

Everything But The Truth

Life Work


My aim on a personal level is to assert my constitutional rights in spite of those who would deny them to me and narrow the unfair wealth gap established between members of the elitist group and me.                                                                                                                                   

My aim on a national level to is to render the gap between the haves and the have-nots unimportant in judging a citizen and help achieve more Real Equality for all citizens within the present Social Order in the state of Ireland.


At the handover, from the British we achieved self-rule; an opportunity emerged for individuals to secure a better Quality of Life in our state. The war for comfort began.

A certain element grasped the wealth and the power sources and thereby prepared the ground for an elitist regime. Their offspring naturally, fend well in our state; their extended families are still in positions of wealth and power in the state.


The Dail candidates are traditionally from the wealthy division, the people that influence the passing and the administration of the laws are from the rich quarter and the people who control the media are from the well-off sector.               


This evolved into a culture that made and administered laws that benefit the wealthy and militate against the poor. At the time of my youth few of my peers were interested in law, the young people from the deprived section were too busy with living to analyse the mechanics of our society. 


Successive governments have maintained this state of affairs since the formation of the state. This resulted in a scale of good life and comfort at the top to a level of mediocrity and downward to a life of deprivation suffering and inability to survive. I consider this exploit to be tantamount to an undeclared war of attrition on the have-nots in our society.


In Ireland, at this time, the key managerial sections of the establishment that I have witnessed to be used unlawfully and cruelly against the poor and under-educated are:


An Garda Siochana, Dublin City Council and The Judicial System.


I was named Peter Paul Murphy, born into a family of four sisters and three brothers in the Dublin suburb of Drimnagh on June 29th 1942 on the feast of SS Peter & Paul.

After this biological marvel occurred my father said;


 ‘He wont be any trouble he even brought his name with him!’


I began my education in the nearby national school and finished in Westland Row CBS in 1958. My Father sadly passed away in 1960 and I emigrated to England to look for work but I would readily admit I also wanted adventure. I spent some time in a Borstal Institution where I studied mechanical engineering and furthered my interest in the English Language.


I returned to Dublin upon my release and worked at a variety of manual jobs while traveling to and from England, One might say ‘suffering the oppression and squandering my allotted time.’


I  achieved some financial security and purchased a public house in Dublin which I later lost in "dubious" circumstances. This led to the reason for my writings an activism.


When education became more obtainable in Ireland around 1995 I completed legal studies and computer courses in the evenings at Crumlin College of Further Education and for me knowledge is a release from the oppression!  

I have had a difficult time since I left my parents house to go out into the world.

My journey in law, like most working class juveniles, began in the criminal section, trying to defend myself against charges of offences brought by AGS. I had some success at this which seemed to boost the irritation of some Garda members towards me.

When I began to amass some resources, it was almost as if AGS was waging a campaign of attrition on me. During my quest to find a reason for this I realised, as I suffered the oppression, that one powerful stratagem used by AGS is record keeping.


It is a powerful weapon and when used properly greatly assists in the war against crime but, like all power when it is abused it imposes suffering or disadvantage on innocent citizens. It had a particularly potent effect on me in the civil section of our jurisprudence.









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For any inquiries, please contact Peter Murphy:

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