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The journey of man from a time of tyranny and oppression to a time of respect for Human Rights and on to a destination of Real Equality for all human beings is a lengthy arduous one. At varying stages of this epic voyage individuals and groups in positions of wealth and comfort do not want movement, or are afraid of change; they militate against it and distort the positive nature of the passage.


In Ireland, we made great strides in gaining Independence from the UK when we enacted the 1937 Constitution and Sovereignty with the Republic of Ireland Act 1949.


The EEC emerged after WW11 to join the European nations in the common goal of making the continent and the countries in it wealthy and a just place to be born or be a citizen of. A drawback is men’s self-aggrandisement and their individual desire to be a member of the Elitist any means.


 At this time the state institutions are answerable to the EU except in areas where it legally retains its sovereignty. The Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights is the standard of justice and the state agreed in the European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003 section 3.—(1) Subject to any statutory provision  or rule of law, every organ of the State shall perform its functions in a manner compatible with the State's obligations under the Convention provisions.


In today’s Ireland there are several State agencies in place to assist citizens to assert their rights but if the workforce of these agencies are less enthusiastic in helping the very poor and If the court judges tasked with making fair decisions use their discretion in an in-house manner to favour the status quo, the very poor of our society suffer great injustice and in some cases there are suicides. The resulting arrangement has a flavour Eugenics.    


MONEY TALKS !                                                                                                              


The foregoing is as near to equality as we are at this juncture, however, in my opinion, there is much inequality, a citizen needs legal knowledge and resources to survive and assert his rights...there is a long way to go.


Glory be to Law, the Constitution, the European Union, the Charter and beyond

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