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An impartial arbiter is essential for a just determination of a dispute.

Justice should be done and be seen to be done.

In Ireland the Constitution and the European Charter are the primary contracts that regulate the actions of the State and Citizens. Both of these contractually guarantee equality. The real domestic power is integral to the judicial system. When the victim fights the injustice the perpetrators must justify their oppressive actions in the courts. 


Justice should be done and be seen to be done.

Very few ordinary people observe justice being dispensed by our courts. Perhaps the court hearing should be recorded and broadcast on TV possibly in a show similar to the American COURT TV station. In Ireland, in certain matters, Judges Determinations are made with the purpose of steering events in the direction that the state wants.

The standard of justice in the criminal section of our jurisprudence is pretty good i.e. there is a right to legal representation in defense of almost any charge. In the civil section, a citizen needs legal knowledge or the money to hire people with legal knowledge to assert his rights. It goes without saying how powerful an asset money is. If a member of the have nots acquires money he becomes one of the haves, if all of the have nots have equal opportunity and receive justice it greatly reduces the gap, upsets those that are afraid of and are change content with the Status Quo. 


To assert the rights that are guaranteed in the constitution and the Charter a citizen must litigate but litigation is expensive.  In the dispensing of justice, the judges are entitled to lean with the state agencies, though certain judges interpret the law unfairly to ensure people like me do not upset the status quo.  

When a person encounters oppression he can choose to live with it or fight it.


I assume it depends on the victim’s character which of these options he chooses, I chose the latter.

Growing up in working class areas of Dublin most of us encounter peers trying to dominate us, usually beginning with fist fights and ending with being best friends. The most important fight is the fight for a comfortable life the judicial system is the arena for this struggle.

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